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Pirate Party of Canada
« on: June 10, 2009, 08:43:05 pm »
With the success of Sweden’s Pirate Party echoing loudly, and the likes of George W. Harper running the country, with look-alike Libs in the background, it’s long gone time Canada joined the Pirate Party Club.

It’s been on the books since March 1, but with the Swedish triumph showing what can be achieved when People2People Power is fired up, it’s time to make it happen — really happen.

“The Pirate Party of Canada is being started now at McGill University, in Montreal,” says a p2pnet Reader’s Write, linking to a post at Pirate Party International, which states »»»

I have just registered to start a formal club at McGill Called the Pirate Party of Canada Club. It will be a while before it is official, but the wheels are now turning. The plan so far is just to get a bunch of Pirate-Sympathizers together and start scheming about how to build the party. If others start sprouting up similar organizations across the country, we will be off to a good start.

Anyone in Montreal interested in working toward the formation of the Pirate Party of Canada should let me know and we’ll schedule meetings.

Anyone passing through Montreal should let me know and we’ll start meeting each other and sharing ideas.

For anyone thinking about starting similar organizations at other schools, I’ll post the first draft of our club constitution below… it might save you some time. Please feel free to critique. Most of the document is there to satisfy the school’s guidelines. We had a little fun with the preamble but there are many improvements to be made I imagine!

I’m thinking that local clubs like these might serve as a good starting point to get PPofC off the ground. First we’ll try to establish ourselves locally in isolation; then we’ll get the communication lines running and start wikiing together the national movement; then we’ll be ready to write up the formal documents, register with the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, and really get cracking!

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