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Author Topic: ISPs Doubt Accuracy of Anti-Piracy Evidence  (Read 419 times)

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ISPs Doubt Accuracy of Anti-Piracy Evidence
« on: June 30, 2009, 09:06:22 pm »

Lawyers ACS:Law and their anti-piracy partners Logistep are currently harassing around 6,000 alleged file-sharers, demanding £665 from each to make threats of legal action go away. In yet another blow to their tenuous claims, ISP association ISPA says that its members are “not confident” that the evidence accurately identifies infringers.

ACS:Law, the outfit that at least appears to have taken over from lawyers Davenport Lyons in chasing alleged uploaders of 2nd rate games on file-sharing networks, have experienced another blow to their credibility. Their ‘evidence’ has been called into doubt yet again - this time by Internet service providers.

The hypocritical law firm - who were recently shown to be copyright infringers themselves - partner with Swiss anti-piracy tracking company Logistep (and another company DigiProtect) in order to demand settlements of around £665. However, time and time again there have been allegations against individuals who have absolutely no idea why they are being accused of copyright infringement.

Last year, in the most prominent case of mistaken identity and when Davenport Lyons were working with porn companies, they incorrectly accused a retired 64 year-old man of sharing the hardcore movie ‘Euro Domination 5? via BitTorrent. The man received an apology and the demands for money ended

It seems that the entertainment industry and it's cohorts can make any accusation with impunity. It really is time someone took them to task and sued them for defamation. It would be interesting to see what a court would award in damages?  :)

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