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Author Topic: UK POLL: 73% Say “3-Strikes” Would Harm Use of Vital Services  (Read 441 times)

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Open Rights Group adds fuel to the argument that disconnecting accused file-sharers would disrupt peoples lives while having little or no effect on the problem of P2P. The Open Rights Group, the UK-based organization dedicated to defending freedom of expression, privacy, innovation, consumer rights and creativity on the Internet, has released the results of a new YouGov poll proving once again that disconnecting accused file-sharers is a horrible idea.

For nearly three quarters (73%) of those surveyed said disconnection or suspension of their home Internet account would either “completely disrupt” or “fairly harm” their ability to undertake the use of vital commercial services, such as shopping and banking.

Some 42% said the same about their ability to work or gain an education.

“This poll shows people rely on the internet, and an overwhelming majority think that access should only ever be withdrawn as the result of court action,” said Jim Killock, Executive Director of the Open Rights Group. “Nearly a third would be much less likely to vote for a party that supports disconnection proposals.”

68% said that if the govt does proceed with their plan that that households should only be disconnected after the evidence and the circumstances has been considered by a court.

Only 16% were in favor of automatic disconnection by ISPs.

“Clearly Mandelson is out of step with public opinion and should think again,” added Killock. If you recall, Lord Mandelson feels that the current timetable, which stands at 2-3 yrs for a 70% reduction using a combination of notifications and technical measures, would take an “unacceptable amount of time to complete in a situation that calls for urgent action” and has asked that ISPs be given the power to disconnect repeat offenders.

This survey was conducted using an online interview administered to a sample population of 185,000+ individuals who have agreed to take part in such surveys.

The size of this independent survey will certainly give the cartels something to think about as their surveys are always far smaller and usually taken by companies that either have a vested interest or are connected with them in some way.  8)

WinMX World :: Forum  |  Discussion  |  WinMx World News  |  UK POLL: 73% Say “3-Strikes” Would Harm Use of Vital Services

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