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Author Topic: AT&T Calls for US Three Strikes Regime, ‘Streamlined’ File-Sharing Court  (Read 611 times)

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If you thought things wouldn’t get much more nightmarish after a court affirmed the RIAAs legal strategy, you’d be in for a shock. While discussing a possible US three strikes law, AT&T has suggested that there should be the creation for a file-sharing court that would alleviate the expenses of a court case as well and streamline copyright infringement cases.

Who knows, maybe the next thing for the US would be file-sharing concentration camps. There was a rather chilling article posted on Arstechnica recently. Apparently, rights holders and AT&T were looking at the process to subpoena an alleged copyright infringers IP address, haul that person to court and sue that individual. The main complaint was the process was taking too long and was proving to be rather expensive for rights holders.

According to Arstechnica, rights holders were arguing that a three strikes regime in the US might be the answer. The most mind-blowing thing was that AT&T agreed, but didn’t want to bear any extra costs or work, so suggested that a more stream-lined court would be the solution. The court would make file-sharing cases quicker and much more cost-efficient.

So why is this mind-blowing? Just a month over a year ago, AT&T “emphatically denied” they were participating in a three strikes regime. ISPs, at the time, were showing that they weren’t exactly thrilled about the idea of a three strikes law. Apparently, there’s been a change of heart since then, though as long as AT&T has little to do with the process of implementing a three strikes law.

The question is, what is this proposed stream-lined court going to be like? Will the RIAA be prosecutor, judge and jury in all of the cases? How many people are going to be disconnected? It doesn’t take much for the imagination to turn up some chilling images. If a new court system outside of an actual court system was set up, wouldn’t this be unprecedented? One other interesting question, what could AT&T even gain from agreeing to a three strikes law anyway? One way or another, it appears that some very horrifying things are about to be imported in to America.

AT&T did not return requests for comment.

The RIAA allowed cut price court proceedings! What next cut price defences allowed?  It seems the cartels not only want to be the law makers, but judge and jury as well. All this on the cheap. 8)

WinMX World :: Forum  |  Discussion  |  WinMx World News  |  AT&T Calls for US Three Strikes Regime, ‘Streamlined’ File-Sharing Court

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