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Urgent Action Required - ACTA
« on: July 11, 2010, 01:47:16 pm »
Folks its that time again when you need to write (email) to your elected representatives and make some noise and protest agianst this anti democratic legislation pushed and paid for by big media organisations.

Help stop the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) from steamrolling our rights and freedoms. Please contact your Member of Parliament (MEP) today and ask them to sign a Declaration that takes a stand against efforts to curb Internet freedom in ACTA.

Written Declaration 12 asks EU negotiators to ensure that ACTA respects European citizens' fundamental rights to freedom of expression and privacy, and opposes provisions that would encourage Internet intermediaries to engage in surveillance or filtering of all Internet users' communications for potential copyright-infringing material. If 369 members of the European Parliament sign this declaration it will become the official opinion of the European Parliament, and send a strong message to the EU ACTA negotiators. Around 253 MEPs have signed, but 116 MEP signatures are still needed — particularly from MEPs in Germany, the U.K., Italy and Poland.

Thanks to your efforts, over 300 Members of European Parliament (MEPs) have now signed the Written Declaration on ACTA, and the deadline for obtaining the remaining 69 signatures has just been extended to 9 September. This is an unprecedented achievement and a great reminder that we can make a difference. But the fight is not over yet!

We need signatures from another 69 MEPs by September 9 for the Written Declaration to be adopted as the official European Parliament position on ACTA. Please continue to contact your MEPs and ask them to sign the Written Declaration at the next Strasbourg plenary session on 6-9 September. Together, we can do this!

Get chatting to your friends and get as many as you can to put help put a stop to this steam-roller legisaltion being pushed by the US based media giants that denies folks basic rights of access to the internet based on heresay and flawed data gathering techiques. None of us support guilty before trial decisions but thats just what ACTA delivers to anyone accused of file-sharing, please take some time to stand up for not just yourself but your children as to allow this Hollywood wish list to become law is not of benefit to anyone neither private citizen or commercial entrepreneur, ACTA will stifle business and allow monopoly rights holder to extend their alrerady overbroad grip on what should in many cases be material in the public domain.

Dont delay, write today folks  :yes:

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