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New Zealand Bans File-Sharing
« on: April 15, 2011, 03:54:56 pm »

New Zealand has just passed an anti-file-sharing law that says repeat copyright infringers risk being disconnected from their Internet access with only the Green Party and two independent MPs opposing it.

Under the newly passed law, offenders will face fines of up to NZ$15,000 ($12,000) but could also be cut off from their Internet connection for up to six months.

Copyright owners will be empowered to send evidence of alleged infringements to ISPs who will then send up to three warning letters to the person owning the account. If the alleged infringer ignores the warnings then a claim can be made to the Copyright Tribunal which can order the offender to pay up to NZ$15,000 to the copyright owners.

“Online copyright infringement has been damaging for the creative industry, which has experienced significant declines in revenue as file sharing has become more prevalent,” Commerce Minister Simon Power said.

“This legislation will discourage illegal file sharing and provide more effective measures to help our creative industries enforce their copyright.”

The new law will come into force on September 1 but to mobile networks will only apply starting with October 2013.

It will be interesting to see what work arounds get created.  :gum:

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