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Author Topic: Bit Torrent / Utorrent Client Malware  (Read 772 times)

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Bit Torrent / Utorrent Client Malware
« on: September 16, 2011, 06:00:57 am »
Bittorrent the company not the innovative protocol itself have been targetted by attackers bent on spreading malware.

File-sharing site BitTorrent has warned users that any downloads taken from its site during a two-hour period overnight may contain malware.
It revealed that hackers had injected scareware into its download software. When installed, the program pops up fake warnings that a virus has been detected and prompts users for payment to remove it.
"This morning at approximately 4.20 am Pacific Time, the and BitTorrent web services were compromised. Our standard software download was replaced with a type of fake anti-virus 'scareware' program," the company said.
"Just after 6am Pacific Time we took the affected servers offline to neutralise the threat. Our servers are now back online and functioning normally.
Despite clarifications, Sophos security expert Paul Ducklin suggested users needed to be extra careful. The scareware is identified as belonging to the Security Shield malware brand.

*sigh* theres always some cretin somewhere that wants to destroy the enjoyment of others.

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