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Author Topic: Beware: Free Software Via CNET Danger  (Read 705 times)

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Beware: Free Software Via CNET Danger
« on: December 07, 2011, 10:33:19 am »
It seems theres always some group of folks who want to profit from the works of others even when those others are giving their original work away for nothing :x

Cnet has come under fire for wrapping downloads of the popular Nmap network analysis tool and other open-source software packages with a toolbar of dubious utility. Gordon Lyon (Fyodor), the developer of Nmap, has cried foul over the way the toolbar has been pushed

Lyon added that consumers downloading VLC, the popular open-source media player software, are also being offered the Babylon toolbar, via what he described as a a "Trojan installer".

I'm sure all here have been caught out by this sort of shenanigan before but when previously respectable companies are involved its very worrying indeed, as with any software installer always take your time to read any terms and conditions and get an older version of the software if you discover some recently added (and unwanted) component placed in once clean software offerings.

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