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Web Worry - New Top Level Domains Concern
« on: December 16, 2011, 07:38:47 am »
Many large corporations are setting themselves against any bids by ICANN to launch new top level domains citing added costs to protect their web presence from cyber squatters and fraudsters.

Intergovernmental organisations (IGOs) like the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund have joined the ranks of the opposition to ICANN's proposed expansion of domain names.
The web address overlord is planning to allow companies and organisations to establish generic top level domain names (gTLDs) from January next year, so strings like .hotel, .restaurant or even .un and .imf will be viable as new gTLDs. "The IGO community concerns relate to the increased potential for the misleading registration and use of IGO names and acronyms in the domain name system under ICANN's significant expansion plans," lawyers for the organisations wrote in a letter to ICANN seen by Reuters.

Whilst it may be helpful to have multiple web domains for specific sector industry's the cost involved in protecting a well known brand from fraudsters misusing its brand name for their own purposes is a recognised legitimate concern. The thorny issue of how to address it is another matter, I for one cannot see a solution all will agree on.

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