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Pigs At The Trough
« on: April 20, 2013, 07:52:44 am »
Fresh lands to plunder for the Business Software Alliance ..

That the BSA Software Alliance has been pushing for more anti-piracy measures is old news. But now, tiny Estonia is pushing back against those accusations with equal aplomb.

An Internet advocacy group in Estonia (population: 1.3 million) is speaking out against pressure from BSA and the International Intellectual Property Alliance, which listed the Baltic country as a “special mention” in its annual report (PDF) released in February.

This is a modern protection racket," said Elver Loho, the deputy head of nonprofit Estonian Internet Community, on Thursday according to Estonian public broadcaster ERR. "I haven't seen such a brazen public ultimatum yet in this field.
Loho argues that one of the main reasons some Estonians may turn to piracy is because a lot of licensed copyrighted material is simply unavailable legally in the northern European country.

The engines of unfettered greed seem to continue turning globally, when one realises nearly all creations are based on previous existing peices or concepts one has to wonder just how anyone thinks its possible to claim a figment of their imagining turned into a tangible offering equals an exclusive licence for themselves for so many years. 

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