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Author Topic: Apathy Or Anarchy ?  (Read 509 times)

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Apathy Or Anarchy ?
« on: November 08, 2013, 03:42:15 am »
I was passed this quote from the wmw chat room earlier on today ...

07/11/2013 20.00] <BROWNTROUSERS385_00804> winmx needs to be shut down it is painful to watch this very slow death which nobody is doing anything to help

Whilst this users request went unanswered at the time I thought perhaps it would be a good time to explain just why his request will never be met , the first answer is to understand that whilst  the wpn network is on its knees filesharing wise there is still a mass of folks using it happily to contact and chat to their friends, this alone is reason to leave things running as they are,  a second reason is that I like the rest of you don't like bullies and allowing them to win anything, giving in to such folks simply makes them more inclined to do the same to someone else who may not have the backbone to ward them off, such bullies will always be met with resistance from wmw and I hope the wider community.

Simply put Browntrousers, the rest of the networks users do share your sentiment in wishing this where picking up in some areas but you should look to yourself and your own inaction's if your wondering why things are quiet and slow, a community can when correctly motivated move mountains, a smaller community takes longer etc so if you really want the WPN to die and be turned off then can I suggest that you look at this from a different angle, folks are working on long term solutions and they are working hard, not a day goes by that something is not done to the new client, that will continue until however long it takes to achieve a finished product, take the leap of faith and believe that things will get better and they just might , to believe otherwise is simply to generate a self fulfilling prophecy that leads to its own dire conclusion, even if the new client was not being further constructed the same simple policy of continuing to keep the network alive as long as there are users is all your ever going to see from us, I hope that answers your question.

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