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Author Topic: Anti-Social Apps On The Rise ?  (Read 563 times)

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Anti-Social Apps On The Rise ?
« on: March 20, 2014, 12:57:16 am »
It looks like excessive social networking is annoying some folks  :tongue:

While most social networks aim to connect people, one new service seeks to join the growing trend of doing the opposite and help you avoid them.
Cloak uses public location data from other social networks, Foursquare and Instagram, to determine the locations of others you know.
Users can choose to receive an alert when certain people are believed to be nearby It is the latest in the recent trend of "anti-social", or secretive, apps.

Its rather funny how all of this technology is used to rob folks of their privacy with little thought to its long term outcome, its good to see folks start to recognise their loss of on-line privacy and build some breathing space in their real lives but its pretty sad folks have to resort to this kind of app to escape others.

WinMX World :: Forum  |  Discussion  |  WinMx World News  |  Anti-Social Apps On The Rise ?

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