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Author Topic: ‘Skidrow’ Pirates Get Pirated After Removing Their Own ‘DRM’  (Read 680 times)

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According to Skidrow, CODEX had – shock, horror – PIRATED Skidrow’s work.

“While looking inside their emulation code, we discovered something that was about to shock us completely,” Skidrow explained in an announcement this week.

“It was OUR work, OUR emulator.”

But how could Skidrow be so sure? Apparently the group employs rudimentary watermarking.

“CODEX must be stupid to think that we don’t mark our code, but we had it clean on our screens, that CODEX are thieves of our Ubisoft emu. 99 percent of all their API calls in the code are identical with ours.”

Just to be sure, Skidrow say they also plant “several stealth API calls, that identify and tag” their work. Those were apparently found inside CODEX emulation DLLs. For those who understand it, the proof is apparently revealed in the image below.

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I went to the link to understand what had happened here, it seems one scene group helped itself to some code created by another,.

I like to think that copying is the highest of compliments anyone can pay to a creator, be that music or code, Skidrow should make more of the fact that that their  great work has been copied and less of a moan about how its cost them the race to be first as sour grapes lose the attention of most folks pretty quick..


WinMX World :: Forum  |  Discussion  |  WinMx World News  |  ‘Skidrow’ Pirates Get Pirated After Removing Their Own ‘DRM’

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