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Author Topic: MPAA wants to protect pirates  (Read 644 times)

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MPAA wants to protect pirates
« on: May 19, 2014, 12:02:48 pm »

Is this a new angle, I don't remember them using it before.

Last month, for example, a report backed by the entertainment industries claimed that 90 percent of the top pirate sites link to malware or other unwanted software. In addition, two-thirds of the websites were said to link to credit card scams.

Helped by these numbers, copyright holders and anti-piracy groups are now framing torrent sites, streaming hubs and cyberlockers as a cyber threat. This presents them with a new angle to urge lawmakers to target these sites and services.

Last week the Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations organized a hearing on the “hidden hazards” of online adverting. For the MPAA, this offered an ideal opportunity to chime in with their piracy angle.

“As the Senators consider steps to address the safety and security of online advertisements, we hope they will also examine the extensive growth of these hazards on sites that offer infringing movies, television shows and other creative content,” MPAA writes.

The MPAA notes that several recent reports pointed out how these pirate sites are rife with malicious ads and urges lawmakers to take steps to address the issue. Not for Hollywood’s financial benefit, but to protect Americans from malware and scams.

“As the Subcommittee considers steps to address the safety and security of online advertisements, we urge the members to examine these reports and others which detail the numerous hazards on pirate sites,” MPAA notes.

“Unfortunately, these illicit sites continue to attract large numbers of Americans, especially young people who might not be aware of the harms they could easily encounter,” they add.

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Re: MPAA wants to protect pirates
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2014, 05:23:59 pm »
If they indeed wanted to protect the young against scams and malware why is it that when sony added a rootkit to CDs they took no action ?

If the senate where truly acting in the interests of Americans instead of bribe payers they might answer why there are no laws to stop members accepting gifts, holidays and Pac donations designed to corrupt the democratic process of lawmaking, I dont even remember a word of protest when it was again Sony who where caught with counterfeit software in their offices, and we mustn't forget that the MPAA itself was involved in handling stolen property and breaching data protection laws when a well known torrent site had its mail stolen by one of their paid agents, perhaps when they put their own house in order folks might trust them to do the right thing but that time isn't yet.

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