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Author Topic: "All You Can Eat" Download Stores - Do They Exist ?  (Read 1283 times)

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"All You Can Eat" Download Stores - Do They Exist ?
« on: July 30, 2016, 11:46:04 am »
An interesting article on the legitimacy of many of the download sites that offer the fixed monthly fee model consumers want

A network of illegal music download sites are "affecting dance music in a really bad way".
Websites known as pirate download stores imitate legal download and streaming sites and fool people into thinking subscription fees are paid back into the industry.

One of the main concerns with pirate download stores is how authentic they look and feel. "The experience is a very legitimate one... there's nothing saying 'hello I'm a pirate site'," explained Ben.
"They have everything; privacy policy, terms and conditions, credit card logos and security certificates."

"What these pirate download stores have managed to do is create a product that the customer wants."A customer wants to be able to pay a fixed fee a month and be able to access all the music they want to.
"However, there isn't a business model yet that allows for a store to give you all you can eat for a monthly fee."

That last line of the quote outlines the continuing failure of the music industry to deliver what folks want and can afford , its been a long time since the birth of Napster and they still look at the music tax model instead of understanding the complex diversity of folks musical tastes. some music can be found enduring and have deeper meaning to many but other tracks are simply a passing fad or limited current interest and thus in the average mind the two are not the same and thus have a strongly non-comparative value, this should be reflected in the overall model of delivery.

To answer my own question then, it seems not.

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