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Author Topic: Australia Destroys Right To Online Privacy  (Read 1399 times)

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Australia Destroys Right To Online Privacy
« on: December 07, 2018, 10:05:11 pm »
This is the most damaging event I am aware of for the last 10 years at least  :shocked:
Australia has passed controversial laws designed to compel technology companies to grant police and security agencies access to encrypted messages.
The laws were rushed through parliament on its final day of the year. The government says the laws, a world first, are necessary to help combat terrorism and crime.
However critics have listed wide-ranging concerns, including that the laws could undermine the overall security and privacy of users

It seems than no ones business will be safe from Oz govt surveillance, if an application you use has no back-door the Oz govt will demand that one be fitted but of course they wont be letting you know what level of cryptographic vulnerability they have ordered put in place,

There is a positive side to all of this however, if the govt dont come chasing after your companies encryption keys or fail to demand you put a back-door in place in your software then its pretty likely they are already reading your email and credit card / paypal  transactions along with anything else that you might use to safeguard your finances and privacy.

Australian privacy - It was good while it lasted  :death:

WinMX World :: Forum  |  Discussion  |  WinMx World News  |  Australia Destroys Right To Online Privacy

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