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File Sharing Figures Up
« on: July 11, 2005, 09:37:58 am »
I think this news speaks for itself, not only are P2P usage figures up but also normal retail sales too , does this send a clear message to the cartel, who have pretended that the p2p folks are not their best customers ?

Most firms report that file-sharing levels are steadily increasing, though a flood of spoofed files could be artificially pumping volume considerably. To avoid this problem, P2P tracking authority BigChampagne normally uses unique users, which offers a more reliable gauge of file-sharing activity. According to the most recent BigChampagne data, average simultaneous global users hit 8.7 million in May, a jump of nearly 19 percent over the same month last year

As the Grokster decision has made matters clear I would have expected this increase, as long as folks are not sharing copyrighted files then neither they or the p2p vendor are at risk.
The fake file flooders on the other hand are actually commiting a criminal offence, maybe we should petition the FBI for an investigation of their actions ?

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