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Sue Your Best Customers
« on: July 27, 2005, 08:00:47 pm »
Well worth a read folks , this confirms what most of you know already,
that if we like it we buy it .

A new study published today claims that users who share and download music files online also buy four and a half times more music online than your average music listener, at least in the UK. Instead of magically costing the industry money, these users are apparently interacting with more music, and as a result, buying more music from legitimate channels.  The study stems from a survey conducted by The Leading Question, a digital music research company who surveyed 600 self-styled music fans.

"There's a myth that all illegal downloaders are mercenaries hell-bent on breaking the law in pursuit of free music. In reality they are often hardcore fans who are extremely enthusiastic about adopting paid-for services as long as they are suitably compelling," said Paul Brindley, director of The Leading Question.

We often hear the same nasal whine of denial of any studies they dont pay for, from the control freaks/file nazis that head up many of the record companies, music for them is just a business, and folks like ourslves as well as the artists, are the lemons waiting to be "juiced"  of cash.

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