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Author Topic: Kick On Multiple Rename  (Read 1388 times)

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Kick On Multiple Rename
« on: December 02, 2006, 02:59:11 am »
ever had someone park in your room yet be in another room and all you see is their renames filling up youir screen?
i modified this rename script to kick on the 5th rename in a row, it has exclude admins as well
Code: [Select]
<OnRename type="script" usergroup="!admins">
<out type="push" extdata="ip5">$ip4$</out>
<out type="push" extdata="ip4">$ip3$</out>
<out type="push" extdata="ip3">$ip2$</out>
<out type="push" extdata="ip2">$ip1$</out>
<out type="push" extdata="ip1">%IP%</out>
<out type="goto" extdata="10" condition="!=" lvalue=$ip5$ rvalue=$ip4$></out>
<out type="goto" extdata="9" condition="!=" lvalue=$ip4$ rvalue=$ip3$></out>
<out type="goto" extdata="8" condition="!=" lvalue=$ip3$ rvalue=$ip2$></out>
<out type="goto" extdata="7" condition="!=" lvalue=$ip2$ rvalue=$ip1$></out>
<out type="goto" extdata="6" condition="!=" lvalue=$ip1$ rvalue=$ip2$></out>
<out>/kick %NEWRAWNAME%</out>
<out type="pop" extdata="ip1"></out>
<out type="pop" extdata="ip2"></out>
<out type="pop" extdata="ip3"></out>
<out type="pop" extdata="ip4"></out>
<out type="pop" extdata="ip5"></out>
<out type="break"></out>

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