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Author Topic: Returning Users Read This 1st  (Read 14379 times)

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Returning Users Read This 1st
« on: September 24, 2005, 10:25:49 am »
Welcome back

Please read this small help guide that should give you the answers to some of the more common questions you have asked so far.

Q) How can I reconnect  ?

A) To reconnect you need to install a small file that replaces the one windows has already, this allows you to redirect winmx to a new peer cache address
This file is called a hosts file.

Q) Where can I get it ?

A) This is the file that you will need to complete the operation  KMs Host
Host From Vladds

Q) Where Does It Go ?

A) The file can be found in the following folders, which varies depending on your installed Operating System

For Windows 95/98/Me the directory is c:\windows\hosts

For Windows NT/2000/ the directory is c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
For Windows XP  the directory is c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Q) What do I do next ?

A) Some times it may be necessary to reboot your computer but in many cases you can do this neat little trick (make sure you mx is closed along with any browser windows)

Start Menu -> Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt

This will give you a old style box that you will need to type this into ipconfig/flushdns

Q) What do I do now ?

A) Nothing, all the work is done  :lol:  Restart your winmx and you will reconnect as secondary or primary.  
If you were capable of a primary connection before then please use that option now as well.

Q) Mine is not reconnecting what can be wrong ?

A) Please recheck all the steps above and if you haven already, now is the time for a reboot.
The servers connecting folks do sometimes go offline for a short while if they get overloaded, if this happens just leave your winmx for 30 minutes or so and return and try again
Many patient folks are back on the network by following this simple advice.

Q) What will happen if the peer caches disappear will my mx break down ?

A) No, as long as you are on the network and stay as long as you can you can stay on it indefinitely  :D

Q) I,m worried about what is in this file, I dont know you guys ?

A)That a good policy in the internet world  :)
To take a look at the file it can be opened with Notepad or Wordpad, so you can assure yourself its just a simple redirect notice.

Q) I deleted my winmx and now the site has gone I got it from ?

A) No problem grab it from  HERE

Hope this helps you with some of the known issues folks are having.
Rembember folks we are a small site, with record numbers of folks needing us so PLEASE read through posts before posting questions many of the answers you seek are already here.

We are human also.. and can't be on site 24/7, but we are trying.

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