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Author Topic: 2nd Anniversary Of MX Independence Day  (Read 1047 times)

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2nd Anniversary Of MX Independence Day
« on: September 23, 2007, 08:42:12 pm »
Its our 2nd anniversary today folks, 2 years ago the community coders and help teams got the first bunch of folks back on MX after three days of feverish activity.

For those of you who may not know what occured and why this day is important to WinMxers, heres the story.

In the weeks following the infamous Grokster Case in the US that stated P2P developers could be held liable if they encouraged folks into obtaining copyrighted material, the recording industry decided this was good enough to pursue even those companies that had never done so, they do after all have the money to waste unlike the P2P developers who in the case of WinMx received all their income from one advertisement on their home page, like many P2P programmers at the time the WinMx developers decided that rather than to fight to win the case but end up bankrupt due to ever escalating legal fees it was an option to close down their program.
In the case of WinMX this was done by closing the connection method (Peer Caches) to the users, over time the still connected group would have shrunk to nothing and all would have been lost.

I,m sure there are many stories to tell and some topics have been twisted over the years from when they where originally said but all that is mere window dressing, what occurred was one of the most fantastic things ever to have happened to a p2p network, it would not die, the entire community rose up and connected together to swap tech info, give users news updates and help keep users together while they waited patiently on other networks so no one would get lost or lose faith.

Three days passed each one filled with more and more users desperately trying to find a way to connect and each one being told the same thing, "have patience", not once did the confidence of the community flag and on this day two years ago that confidence was rewarded, the tech folks came through and delivered the required tools to keep the community alive. The patch was born.

Since then the community has been regrowing and will continue to grow despite small setbacks and internal strife amongst various groups, the community knows now that whatever challenges the future brings their fellow users will step forward to offer help where needed and fit together like a global jigsaw to solve any problem, teamwork at its finest by commited users who share the dreams and hopes of many.

As usual I can only thank those whom I know did a lot personally and this is a good time for some of you unsung folks to tell some of your reconnection tales that you may have been busting to tell, lets hear how the shutdown affected you, each and every one of you who waited those 3 long days is worthy of a special mention in my book, lets hear from you  :)
Our eternal thanks and those of the WinMx users, go out to all those who did what was necessary, when it was necessary, the community holds you all in continued respect.

My own special thanks go to Drac who arrived bearing gifts that where more precious that gold, thank you my friend  8) 

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Re: 2nd Anniversary Of MX Independence Day
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2007, 05:51:40 am »
* SamSeeSam waits for the third anneversay now :)
Fingers crossed :P

Cheers :P
Reconnect to winmx with the blocking patch :)
Patch link :

Spread the word now :)

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Re: 2nd Anniversary Of MX Independence Day
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2007, 10:57:15 am »
I turned mine on and it wouldn't connect. Luckily enough I  had rooms in my favs and some or most of them were still connected which is where I found out what was up. I remember remembering when Napster was about to be taken offline and all I could think was well f*ck!

Can't remember how I found out about the hosts patch just that it was on Vladd's site. It was right around then I decided to become a member of Vladd's and started posting. I was using AOL at the time and I remember Sabre had told me there was an issue with some people's hosts files being changed once the hosts patch was put in place which happened to me so I made mine "read only" where it couldn't be changed again without deleting it and putting the original back in there.

Shortly after, KM, Quicks, Me_Here and crew pulled away from Vladd's or Vladd's crew pulled away from them. After a few weeks only posting on Vladd's site I decided to give fair play and head on over to this site to see the who's who postings and became a member of this site. After heated discussions with bug aka Ice about why I wouldn't try the dll because it was incompatible to IE7 and swearing I would try if there was a compatible dll low and behold KM made it happen. So I tried it. It was fast, fast connecting, and seemed very effective at filtering the fakes so I decided I'd stick with it. I remember right after I did Quicks challenged me on it saying that the bot in the room showed me NOT using it and finding out it was something to do with AOL that wouldn't let it see that I was.

Now the faces have changed quite a bit but the theme remains the same and there appears to be hope for the future as another patch is soon on its way with the possability of some unity between 2 of the groups and hopefully another someday. WinMX is alive and well and I can keep all my friends I've made over the years and a great big thanks to everyone who's made that possable. And also now I can say I've helped a few get either connected or reconnected. Thank You WinMX. And a special Thank You to Me_Here, our WinMX mom. :)
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Re: 2nd Anniversary Of MX Independence Day
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2007, 01:00:06 pm »
well it was a dark day in history for me LOL

it was a year of disaster when it came to anything to do with computers and the internet ;)
I had bought a new computer but sadly enough it died on me i went to the shop where i bought it and had to leave it there...they would send it in and call me as soon as it was fixed...1 week passed on yet nothing....2 weeks :( nothing     3 weeks then ? nothing !!! i phoned them....its still at the company that made the computer so please be patient....

so i put on my patiencesweater and waited 2 more weeks...i phoned again....sorry we have .....ehmmmmm lost your computer !  OMFG....did the company that made it loose it ?  nope it  never got sent in in the first place...been lost for the last 5 weeks...WTF !!!! FIX IT...i want my computer back...they found it 3 weeks later sitting in the store...i went and picked it up and sent it to the company myself...took 48 hours i got my computer you would think i was happy but i wasnt :P

you see i thought to it...i have to wait anyways so why not upgrade my internetconnection ? and i upgraded it to a 20 meg line....WHOOOOOOOT computer back and a new connection...DAMN i should be happy right ?

i dont THINK SO !!!! pc was working perfectly....dsl2+ was FECKED..... they couldnt get it i waited...and phoned...and got a new modem....and an engineer to install it....and it still wasnt fixed....and i got another engineer....and a newer modem....and a new line through the house....and YUP u guessed it....NOTHING  lol.... so we got a new switchboard outside the house and a new engineer and a new modem and a new phone ! but no such luck...they couldnt get me hooked after 3 months and 7 engineers and 6 modems i said SOD OFF
im going to another ISP....i phoned my cable company on one day got modem on next day....and was ONLINE !!!!!

DAMN i felt great....i could go talk to my friends again...i missed them so much....i went to find my room....i went into my room

i said HEY PEOPLE....IM BACK HOME !!!!! and that was all she wrote lmao...kevin pulled the plug and i just sat there....after tryin to get back online for almost 6 months...they pulled the PLUG....gheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezus that was painfull lol...after a lot of looking and screaming at my new isp (i thought the bstrds were blocking mx) i found  the connectionpatch for winmx...needlles to say i started out with the pie patch as i think most have done but thankfully i got brought over to the right patch by my sweet friend Micro (thanks again sweety)

as you can see it was a struggle to get back online but i got there in the end ;)  and please feel free to feel VERY VERY bad for my husband...this poor man had to deal with me for all this time and actualy survived my rants and screams...he is a hero in my book lol

and on that note....thanks to all the powers that be...and made sure we can still enjoy winmx every day...its our little bit of home away from thanks to all those in the past and all of the people that are now working so hard to keep us all in touch and connected.. 

my hat is of to you all !

;) Alice
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