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Author Topic: Anyway to either edit winmx or create a 3rd party program to extend ignore list?  (Read 2364 times)

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Offline majax

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'm trying to get more than 512 allowed in the ignore list. I didn't see any 3rd party programs that have this feature.

Would it be possible to edit the program itself to make this number 999?

Offline ]-[êll.Ôñ.ËÀR'][']-[.

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As answered before NO & i dont get your obsession with getting as many ppl as possible on your ignore list.... please refine your posts to the one thread on this subject.

Winmx is about shareing and there can be many reasons for ppl that are not shareing at any given time ..... I find a polite pm will get you a lot further than adding as many as possible on to an ignore list ...... Education will beat plain ignorance every time majax .... perhaps a little more tollerance and a little less haste will serve you better & also save time on trying to find ways around a perfectly good system that serves so many so well.

Offline SamSeeSam

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people have asked this feature a lot.

But then it would be unfair to hold a grudge against a person just cause he landed on the ingore lsit once
me despite sharing 6k+ files and 80gb have ended up in ignore lists a few times... happens to everyone

and if it was even possible to extend it to 999, you'd still want to extend it even more :P

Cheers :P
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Patch link :

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Offline majax

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Hell on earth you're just trying to start sh**. 1st post was about if it was possible to change. Now I'm asking how I can manipulate the ignore.dat file. Not an obsession but ok.

You people are completely hypocritical. If you don't want people to restrict who they share their files with (even though that's their right) then you shouldn't make mxmoni available for download (cause what else is it really used for)? I asked for a tweak to the program and get judged based on your ASSSUMPTIONS and it's implied that my behavior is is not offering something that alot of people ask for because you believe in a free-trading utopian society. God knows this outdated program could use some tweaks.

Well, I'll go elsewhere and actually get the program tweaked if possible.

Offline GhostShip

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Majax, Hell has already informed you of the simple answer to your question and so perhaps you may wish to understand further why winmx should not be hacked up to do as you require, the first and most important reason is the program is heavily compressed to make the installer built into it  smaller, thats the first hurdle and then the second is to locate the relevant section (or sections) in assembly code which will mean you have to be very patient as the program is just over two megabytes and assembly language is unfortunately pure goobledy-gook to most winmx users, and even if this was done successfully winmx has an in-built checksum to prevent tampering.

The second idea you touch upon of modifying the actual list held in "ignore.dat" is not possible as the size of the list and the control of it is performed by the winmx program itself, modifying this file would serve no purpose, this file is encrypted as are all the other dat files to prevent abuse and no published method exists to decrypt and encrypt it again anyway.

I wont insult the skilled people in the community by stating it cant be done but I can say with certainty it is not easy and that its an unwritten rule here that we will not hack up the winmx program out of respect for its author and his rights.

I,m sorry but in this case we cannot and will not provide any help or information to assist you.

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