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Community Patch - Information Update
« on: October 12, 2008, 11:08:20 am »
Hi folks, I,m sure I,ve posted this info around the site somewhere in bits and pieces but so we can all understand the current position I thought it best we have them here in the news section for ready reference.


First of all many have folks have asked how the system all ties together so they can see "the big picture", this should help give an overview.

You,ll notice the patch has 4 major DNS lookups so should any fail the others can take up the job and you will still be able to connect.

If you want more details on the upgrade then please read this page first and I hope that will answer many of your questions


The blocklists are as in the previous patch delivered via the peer caches on port 7930, you can of course still view the list and what is being blocked by using the telnet command to obtain the list in a similar way to how the patch does it or even simpler consult this public location.

This list is maintained in the same way as before by a diligent team of flooder detectors to ensure no flooding can impact on your enjoyment of the WinMX network, there has never been a single case of innocent folks being blocked and the team are justly proud of this.

Post Deployment Feedback

Whilst this has been the smoothest patch change over ever, we have gathered up all the information obtained from the site here and the community patch help room to aid you in seeing just how good things have gone and reassure you there is no major issues waiting to spoil your enjoyment.


On the whole aside from some minor issues with machines not liking the file change without a small amount of re-tweaking things have gone much better than expected and on the first day alone we saw 60-63% upgrade take up, this is of course fantastic news for all those who have worked hard to make this upgrade happen, the take-up numbers are still creeping upwards steadily and we have also seen an increase in new users coming to the network after the release publicity so all in all it can be called a success.

We still need to pass the word out to those not upgraded to please do so, I have spoken to some sites still offering inferior/out of date patches and most have responded by updating their old information to reflect the change, however this is a major job for a small group so please ensure if you see out of date material being offered to either let us know here or make a post yourself to ensure others are able to enjoy the great features that the community patch provides, as I,m sure you all understand we each have to take our role in this effort and then we can all reap the rewards.

I regret to say have noticed some unsavoury activities being conducted by those who offer the old connection methods such as censorship and deliberate misleading of folks asking for information, I can only hope such ppl are exposed publicly as they do not represent the rank and file folks who use winMX and I hope this will cease. 
On a brighter note most folks are upgrading on their own initiative when they are told of the new community patch and the democratic ideals behind it, namely that of having no single person in charge playing god and so its likely further efforts may be delivered to ensure they are informed that they no longer need to suffer a crippled MX.

I hope this information is helpful in offering an insight into what the current situation, please ask if any further info is required or you have any questions not addressed here, transparency is the aim of the community patch project and I also hope this is something the community respects in making its choice of connection method  :)


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