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Author Topic: Coat-Tail Lawsuit Launched Against Limewire  (Read 530 times)

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Coat-Tail Lawsuit Launched Against Limewire
« on: October 14, 2008, 10:32:50 pm »
A record label that owns the rights to a few recordings has decided its time to try to capitalise on all the work being put in by the RIAA legal team and has files a copy-cat suit against Limewire and its chief executives in an effort to try to grab a slice of the pie if Limewire lose its ongoing legal case.

The label that publishes the Kidz Bop compilations sued Limewire late last week in a federal court in New York, alleging that the P2P company contributes to and induces copyright infringement. The lawsuit references a number of Kidz Bop titles as well as music from other artists on the associated Razor & Tie label that were at some point available for download through Limewire's client. It names Limewire itself, its Chairman Mark Gorton, former CTO Greg Bildson and the Lime Wire Family Foundation.

The lawsuit does not mention Limewire's copyright filters or its more recent moves to rights holder-friendly business models, like the Limewire store or its upcoming advertising platform.

Its quite likely the person filing the suit merely crossed out the words RIAA and put their own label name in before filing suit as it seems this is no more than a carbon copy claim of "massive copyright infringement" and those bringing the suit have strangely neglected to mention the Limewire system modifications that have been introduced to cut piracy over the last year, this of course will severly weaken their case, as will trying to file suit against individuals who operate p2p companies, this tactic is merely an underhand and rather low ruse to stress out the "victim" of the suit by threatening their home and family, courts have and will again throw such claims out the door following strong legal precedent that an employee is not responsible for the actions of the company.

You have to ask yourself what sort of groups seek to attack peoples families when their lawsuits don't go as they plan, well make no mistake here, the folks who have a long history of attacking children, the old , the sick and in one case a dead man are collectively known as the recording industry association of America, although the reality is that its a few big corporations run from outside the US and just find it easier to earn revenue and buy monopoly enhancing policies there.

I think we can see this group for what it is, and the rotten smell should spur folks into boycotting "produced by oppression" RIAA monopoly content, it needs to be made clear to them that the line between personal and professional life is not something that should be lightly crossed.

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