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New UK Anti Consumer Group Launched
« on: October 28, 2008, 02:24:35 am »
Another so called "voice of the artist" group has sprung up today from nowhere to claim it represents all musicians and singers in the UK, its led strangely enough by the fellow who is currently heading a similar group  :/

Umbrella groups in the UK which represent various parts of the music industry have decided that, in order to win the war on Internet piracy, what they really need is an even bigger umbrella group for all the other umbrella groups to shelter under. That new group, UK Music, is launched today.

The Internet provides the possibility for artists to create their own work, market and promote it and finally, distribute it without the need for outside interference help.
Despite the growing ability to control their own destiny, thousands of artists and industry personnel still prefer the help and guidance of a recording label who, among other things, will take anti-piracy action where necessary.

After being appointed as the Chief Executive of British Music Rights, (yet another music umbrella group), the head and CEO of UK Music is the former pop star Feargal Sharkey. Another of UK Music’s aims will be to have the current copyright protection period of 50 years, extended further.

New name but same old anti-consumer policies folks, their clear demand that they want you to honour a copyright system while they want to cherry pick the portions of the law that generate them increased revenue such as extending the deal time for copyright to suit themselves, the deal was made when the law was set in statue, why should we allow these wannabe theives to steal from us ?

The answer of course is we should not, we are already paying many times more than the cost of producing their product and the artist sees a miniscule amount of that anyway, so whilst Feargal and his big label monopoly friends may try to buy some legislation by back door deals its clear he wasnt one of those supporting the artists claim to get a more even share of the revenue than the 10% they get atm, is 90% not enough for the labels now Mr Sharkey ?


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