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Author Topic: Pirate Parties - A New Force In Politics ?  (Read 614 times)

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Pirate Parties - A New Force In Politics ?
« on: December 12, 2008, 09:21:31 pm »
Have we witnessed the birth of a new type of "with it" political force or merely a new label for traditional complaints ?

PiratPartiet, the Swedish Pirate Party, has started its march on Brussels with a bang. The party hopes to make a strong showing in June at the European Parliament elections, and has been bolstered in its aims by comments in major Swedish newspapers, which have termed the party “a classic civil rights movement.”

It was almost three years ago that the first Pirate Party was formed in Sweden. Its aim is to deal with over-reaching copyright law, and this is exactly what the Pirate Party stands for in most people’s minds. But there is more.

A single issue party is unlikely to succeed in todays climate of increased sensitivity to political issues, its a start that the filesharing debate has taken the centre stage to highlight the injustice and corporate greed behind many new laws but the reality is folks are expecting more common sense laws to reflect the people of today and less of the old traditional obscurities of the law,  if the pirate parties can achieve clear and open dialogue/policies on filesharing AND the other important issues folks are concerned with its merely a matter of time until they gain a sizable support base in other countries and thus we need to be on our guard against those who would prefer to stifle the pretender to the crown, as with the scientology debacle folks are warned to beware of those seeking to incite lawbreaking, the power of the pirate party is the belief that the law is changable to suit the will of the electorate, I too believe this, support the party of your choice folks and mistrust those who suggest lawbreaking will acheive anything, democracy has to be exercised to stay healthy and any party that doesnt ignore your point of view "out of hand" is worthy of some listening time. 

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