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Author Topic: Be Broadband To Go High Speed On ADSL2+ ?  (Read 524 times)

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Be Broadband To Go High Speed On ADSL2+ ?
« on: December 16, 2008, 06:42:51 pm »
Forget 24mbs Be is looking at nearly double that  :-D

In the wake of Virgin Media's 50Mbit/s launch yesterday, O2-owned Be Broadband is pushing copper wires to their limits by trialling technology that will double bandwidth available via ADSL2+.The ISP has been trialling the service with customers connected to the BT Paddington exchange in London since September. Triallists' homes were fitted with two new phone lines and the broadband signals from both combined and split by a special router. The firm said today that triallists reported real world speeds of between 30 and 45Mbit/s downstream. It now plans wider trials in 2009. There's no indication yet whether the service will be made commercially available.

The potential to increase bandwidth via line bonding was designed into ADSL2+; the improved broadband standard that Be Broadband was among the first in the UK to deploy. A single ADSL2+ line runs at "up to" 24Mbits/s with the speed dropping off dramatically the further a subscriber lives from their local telephone exchange.Managing director Felix Geyr said: "If you want broadband around the 50Mbit/s mark but don't want to go the cable route, Be wants to offer you a real alternative."

The Be network is currently able to reach more customers than Virgin and has no throttling, if this system is launched I see them taking the majority of UK p2p traffic as they offer such a good deal and with a wider coverage, whats not to like with that  :)

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Re: Be Broadband To Go High Speed On ADSL2+ ?
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2008, 11:28:29 am »
This was published on BE's forums nearly a year ago, they have been conducting tests but where unhappy with BT's persistence of wanting to charge £120 for a second line installation. For the test subjects Be paid for this installation and will not comment any further (i have tried on their forums as i am a be user) until they have concluded their studies.

They are also suffering back bone problems at the moment that are pushed on their forums daily. The rate of growth for them has been so large since o2 bought them that they have struggled to keep up, often meaning dns servers keep going offline or speeds on some exchanges have become abysmal. I personally use openDNS and my exchange has suffered none of these problems so i have been very very happy with Be's service. But i thought i should let a few of you know that this year has seen them with a few teething issues but i also know they are updating things faster than light, i still think covering 17 million homes though for a company thats only a few years old and provides internet as promised. They are still advertising UNLIMITED as they provide unlimited, something many company's have had to remove due to false advertising.
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