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Author Topic: Teen Sharing Up 46% - RIAA On The Run  (Read 521 times)

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Teen Sharing Up 46% - RIAA On The Run
« on: December 27, 2008, 02:01:50 am »
Reading media Cartel pronouncements recently one could be mistaken for thinking their policy of attacking, misleading and stealing from file-sharers was a success, the opposite is true, in reality they are losing the battle and know it.

According to The NPD Group, a leading global market research company for the entertainment industry, consumer demand for music among US Internet users fell 2% from this time last year.
It also estimates that CD purchases declined by 19% in the same period. The most dramatic decrease was among teens, down 34%, and among adults age 26 to 35, down 36%. CD purchases by adults age 36 and older showed a more moderate decline of 10%.

The most interesting statistics are those for illegal file-sharing since it reveals data that certainly played a part in the RIAA's recent decision to quit targeting individual file-sharers.

The overall number of file-sharers sharing music illegally held steady at 14%, however the volume shared rose by 23%, as P2P users reported downloading more files. Teens purchased 34% more paid digital downloads compared with a year ago, but the number of them downloading music illegally using P2P and file-sharing networks and services rose an astonishing 46%!

I think we can all see who is winning the battle with the monopolists, and its not the recording industry or their moronic lawyers who sue the sick the young and those on welfare because they cannot afford legal representation, anyone that claims they have won a single contested case is mistaken, their mission is purely to extort, mislead and generate publicity, unfortunately their antics have only underlined the lameness of their campaign and how ineffectual it is, whatever their claims the statistics they paid for show them the facts of the matter, no one cares about Carys extort-the-poor campaign, nor should they.

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