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Author Topic: The recursive thread.  (Read 945 times)

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The recursive thread.
« on: July 12, 2009, 11:15:53 pm »
So as you have probably figured out this is my 665th post.
Why i chose it for this im not sure but i figure it does deserve some special treatment or whatever.

Many people have asked what it stands for and i have gladly answered them.
But i would like to start this by asking what is a number?
According to wikipedia it is this
A number is a mathematical object used in counting and measuring. A notational symbol which represents a number is called a numeral, but in common usage the word number is used for both the abstract object and the symbol, as well as for the word for the number. In addition to their use in counting and measuring, numerals are often used for labels (telephone numbers), for ordering (serial numbers), and for codes (ISBNs). In mathematics, the definition of number has been extended over the years to include such numbers as zero, negative numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, and complex numbers.
But why measure the number of posts is anything really achieved by having more or less posts?
Is it a measurement of commitment to a forum or the amount of time you have wasted?
That would all depend upon the subject of a post.

But through this all it seems the only things i have done is helped a few people who couldnt use google (jk) and pissed the majority of you off.

most of my posts like this
:arrow:                                  moving forward but always running in a circle

So at this time i wonder of the balance of the things i do, if im causing more problems within the "community" then the problems of users i am fixing.
Should i decide to stay i will be starting over with a new account the posts i have made in this one and alot of the responses have left me ashamed and it seems some people looking for help would rather have someone else giving them answers. Just goes to show you can be a redneck who never went to school and have more credability in rocket science then well... a rocket scientist.

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Re: The recursive thread.
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2009, 07:38:54 am »
I think your taking some things to heart a little Forester, if there is no difference of opinion then its harder for folks to choose whos opinion they prefer, your post count does indeed signify a commitment to the WinMx community, what could possibly be wrong with helping others that you feel its not something to be proud of ?

A forum is a bit like cooking, if the recipe has no flavour or spice then it becomes bland and tasteless, I like to believe we serve a tasty "meal" but that we should always strive to improve the "recipe", perhaps if you feel something is "missing" in your own forum cookbook then you should look at adding something to your content mix ?

 :) :) :)

PS: The golden rule of helping is to keep positive and constructive and have some fun, perhaps just knowing this will help you judge your successes or failures.

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Re: The recursive thread.
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2009, 12:47:37 pm »
I think you need to take it heart. But in a healthy way. You'll never always be right, and  never will every person like you for everything you say or do. Look back over your posts and decide where you think  you've been more helpfull in this post vs that post. Keep both piles in mind and in the future say to yourself "do I want this (good post pile) as my outcome here, or do I want that (eeww, bad post pile)" and keep moving foward. Never think you know everything about everything or you're smarter than anyone or that everyone appreciates total honesty even though they should. There's always more to learn and the only way to do that is realise you need to. And just a reminder as I know I said it when you changed to Forested, you can change your name but sooner or later the real you is always going to show up. If you'll remember right I knew you were Forested before you told me you were. Just keep posting in the good pile and trying to help and sooner or later the measures will add up the best they can. Oh and just to point out. There is no perfection way to measure anything. Sooner or later you just stand back, see a messed up measurement and go "oh crap that's way off!" and then think to yourself "I like it like that anyway". Start a new account everyday if you want and eventaully the measurement will get off in all of them. Just be you and do what you do and leave the rest to the rest of the world. You'll like it much more that way.

*Just to add, there are definately more people here that know more about mx and fixing connection issues and the chat servers and fixing them then what I know. But none of those people helped the user the other day with their upload issue. You and I did that and even if that person didn't do directly what you said, some of what you said, lead me to point that user in the direction that I did so it was you and I and that's why we're here. Keep your focus, move foward, try harder. That's all we can do sometimes and sometimes we're right and sometimes we're not. Let's just find out then ok.
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Re: The recursive thread.
« Reply #3 on: November 22, 2009, 01:54:31 pm »
Many Laws can be broken, in one way or another...

But no law of mathematics has ever been broken...

must be something in that...
What you think is important is rarely urgent
But what you think is Urgent is rarely important

Just remember that...

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