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Offline Valor

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« on: August 20, 2009, 01:28:06 pm »
Thankyou to all the good people of winmx for keeping me online and learning for 7 years. Special thanks to winmxworld for letting me be a part of the team from the beginning, then during the takedown, I really enjoyed that part, [suckon that RIAA],  and beyond to the present.
I'm in a really good place now x and must  spread my new wings and fly from winmx. If you don't have my email ask people in winmx, alot do :)
 good fortune to you all love grace   

~*¤'»¢¢«'¤*~   ~°¹*º«éþ*¹°~      `°²º¤cc¤º²°`     ```¨°¹¤l|º§»¢¢«§º|l¤¹°¨´´     ¨°¹¤º-»¢¢«-º¤¹°¨  ~*¤'»¢¢«'¤*~  ~°¹*º«¢¢»º*¹°~
              `°²º¤¢¢¤º²°`  `°²º¤æ¢¢æ¤º²°`                                                                           ``¨°¹¤l|º§»¢¢«§º|l¤¹°¨´´
~¯`¤Í`¤ßè£ØVéФ´Ì¤´¯~                   ¢¢                       ²ºº²                  éþîÇ                               ©  

Offline reef

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Re: xxxfarewellxxx
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2009, 03:13:59 pm »
Take care Valor and enjoy "life after winmx". Wish you all the best,and hopefully you may return 1 day  ;)

Offline GhostShip

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Re: xxxfarewellxxx
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2009, 09:15:51 am »
Bon voyage Valor, there have been ups and downs over the years and you have stood firm alongside the rest of us, I'm very pleased you have found somewhere you feel comfortable with and I thank you for your efforts as a part of the flooder detection team in previous years and in organising the Sherwood initiative when blocking the WinMX attackers was in its infancy, you have always come to my notice for your tireless "around-the-net" help in promoting WinMX and the many many hours you have spent helping fellow and new users in the help room, we will miss this excellent support, however we all need to migrate to where we feel our talents are most valued and I,m sure you,ll be an asset to your new community and missed in this one.

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