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Author Topic: Mizz you will always be missed  (Read 3711 times)

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Re: Mizz you will always be missed
« Reply #20 on: September 13, 2009, 07:22:32 am »
I never had chance to know you mizz but rest in peace and condolences to all friends and families.
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Re: Mizz you will always be missed
« Reply #21 on: September 14, 2009, 07:46:24 pm »
Today we had a visit from the husband of Mizz/Alice which I think you all should have the chance to read about...
(I edited some minor stuff )

21:32:49 Theo-09-08-09109_39185 (Cable 830 files) has entered
21:32:51 Hello Theo-09-08-09109_39185, Welcome to Room.
21:33:00 Theo-09-08-09 Hello.
21:33:49 Theo-09-08-09 Maybe some person of the staf is here to talk with me ?
21:34:03 «l|DaBees-Knees|l» hiya theo
21:34:09 Theo-09-08-09 I am wanting to bring my thanks for the kind words spoken on the forum for Alice
21:34:30 Theo-09-08-09 Hello DaBees-Knees
21:34:44 Theo-09-08-09 I am the husband of Alice
21:34:55 Theo-09-08-09 You know of her as Mizz
21:35:11 «l|DaBees-Knees|l» she's missed in here theo - it was so sad to hear
21:35:12 ¤l|[W/¥\W] Omega|l¤ Hiya Theo    I am very sorry for your loss.
21:35:18 Theo-09-08-09 Thank you
21:35:47 Theo-09-08-09 I receive a email from a friend that tell me there was a message on the forum
21:36:00 Theo-09-08-09 So i come to thank you all for the kind words that are spoken there
21:36:16 Theo-09-08-09 I think she had very much friends on WinMX
21:36:24 «l|DaBees-Knees|l» that's the least we could do
21:36:44 ¤l|[W/¥\W] Omega|l¤ i cried when i found out        she was a very good friend of mine  and so many others    she was like the best person i know
21:37:05 Theo-09-08-09 She had a way of talking of things
21:37:17 «l|DaBees-Knees|l» we miss her stories about you and the dogs
21:37:52 Theo-09-08-09 She spoke of her friends here often and it does me good to see she is remember well
21:38:27 «l|DaBees-Knees|l» she was one of a kind and very special to us all
21:38:46 Theo-09-08-09 I am leaving now. Please give my message to the other people here  
21:38:57  Jason  hi theo
21:38:59 ¤l|[W/¥\W] Omega|l¤ will do Theo
21:39:06  Jason  hi omega
21:39:06 «l|DaBees-Knees|l» take care theo
21:39:07 ¤l|[W/¥\W] Omega|l¤ take care of yourself
21:39:09 Theo-09-08-09 Maybe some time when I feel a better mood i come back to talk a bit
21:39:12 ¤l|[W/¥\W] Omega|l¤ hiya Jason
21:39:17 ¤l|Ace|l¤ take care  
21:39:30 Theo-09-08-09 Thank you again for the friendship you all give her
21:39:40 «l|DaBees-Knees|l» you are very welcome any time theo
21:39:44 ¤l|Ace|l¤ more then welcome to pop in  theo
21:39:47 Theo-09-08-09 Goodbye friends.
21:39:51 Theo-09-08-09109_39185 has left
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