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Author Topic: Canadian News - Canadian Pirate Party Fire Up Their Own Tracker  (Read 515 times)

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Canadian News - Canadian Pirate Party Fire Up Their Own Tracker
« on: October 01, 2009, 10:13:38 am »
This looks like an interesting move in the field of non-recording/movie industry content.

Formed back in early July of this year, one of the main goals of the Pirate Party of Canada is to “reform copyright and facilitate access to culture,” and as part of that it wants to help music artists learn how to earn a living that’s not dependent on the sale of albums alone.

As part of that effort it has finally launched the previously alluded to “pirate-y distribution method” for helping music artists market their work to a global audience.“The current distribution model is dead, the market must evolve,” it adds.
It currently has a number of artists available for download, and is always looking for more. It’s not genre specific and takes about a day to get posted.

“We do have a slight moderation system, which is mainly me going through every track, just to make sure it isn’t a copyright violation, but it shouldn’t take more than 24 hours to get something posted,” said Jake Daynes, a spokesperson for the Pirate Party of Canada, in a recent interview.

An excellent move I,m sure many here will agree, now out of copyright content and other free and new media can be placed where they should be in the public domain rather than be locked up or plaigerised by big media and resold to you as an original work by another of their pop wannabes, we have all heard those tunes with a catchy classical background tune that they then claim merely by adding a drum beat or making the tune faster or slower magically turns the tune and their often awful lyrics into their copyrighted and commercial work, maybe we like that sort of music but in truth when the main core of the track is someone elses work is it really fair to allow them to monetise such works in this way ?

Most of you would say so , but then ask yourself what is the difference when the recording industry does it and when you do it by adding some of their music into your own efforts perhaps at home, in one word copyright, as long as the time allowed for the recording and movie industries to monetise what are in many cases bland and mass produced films and music we are putting chains on culture that should be free, sure they want to earn a few dollars and rest assured we have all put our hands in our pockets many time to satisfy our desire for a catchy tune but when the protection on that tune extends beyond the lifetime of many making the tune impossible to obtain or even hear legally are we not now in danger of losing a large chunk of popular culture to a few selfish organisations ?

Lets hope more groups follow this route and make open culture the norm rather than the exception..

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