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New Arena For Artist To Fan Discussion
« on: October 20, 2009, 10:06:01 pm »
Many of you have over the years asked why most artist chose to sign with a label and lose their rights and a sizable chunk of the profits, well wonder no longer, in a welcome move p2p news site owner Jon Newton and english singer/songwriter Billy Bragg have put together a site where you can put your views on new business models and perhaps figure out how we can help the artist earn a crust without selling their souls to the labels, today is the first day of the site and I for one will be hoping to take take part in what I hope will be a serious debate on the future of p2p and music.

No one has promised that any major artists will come to read what p2p'ers post but I,m informed that there are many artists going to be taking a serious look at this site so if you have a view on the future of music and p2p then head over there.

I see this as a welcome move by two commited folks who are fed up with waiting for others to thrash out a map for digital music in the future and its been a long time in coming but I hope something useful in the way of a common concensus can be reached with the artists so they may find their collective voices and stop the labels hitting at us their fans with useless lawsuits and a propaganda campaign based on lies and innuendo.

I hope to see some of the more vocal of you there but please keep your comments/posts sensible folks as we are not "pirate scum" as made out by the RIAA etc but a collection of very clever folks who just see the road before they do in terms of the future of media and how to reward an artist for their work without paying a greedy middleman.

This is certainly an exciting event, let us put it to good use  :-D

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