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Author Topic: 3 Strikes bill being rammed home in Britain  (Read 583 times)

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3 Strikes bill being rammed home in Britain
« on: March 27, 2010, 09:25:06 am »

Think of all the secret high-pressure lobbying that’s been going on in the hallowed halls of the UK parliament over the past few weeks.

Vivendi Universal, EMI, Warner Music and Sony Music and Disney, News Corp, Time Warner, Viacom, NBC Universal and Sony Pictures reps, have been, and still are, scurrying ratlike back and forth, leaning on chinless politicians and their servants to make sure the entertainment industry’s Three Strikes scam is forced through during the “wash-up” process.

The bill, dreamed up by the music and movie industries with governments around the world touting local versions, will have alleged file-sharers set up for disconnection by the cartels with ISPs pulling the switch, and the governments acting as copyright agents.

Now it’s been confirmed the digital economy bill, in which the Three Strikes component is buried, will receive its second reading in the Commons on 6 April —-

—- the same day that Gordon Brown is “expected to seek Parliament’s dissolution”! – says the Guardian.

“Harriet Harman, the leader of the house, said today that the bill will get its second reading”, says the story, going on >>>

But when questioned by Labour MPs Neil Gerrard and Tom Watson about the lack of time given to debate over controversial issues in the bill, she said only that “ministers are aware” of the strong feelings that the proposed legislation has engendered.

The “wash-up” is the system by which bills which have passed through one part of parliament can be nodded through by agreement between the whips of the main parties after parliament has formally risen for the election. It does not allow for debate of issues; the only changes that can be made to bills are deletions.

Hundreds of people demonstrated outside the Commons yesterday in protest at the bill’s proposed measures, says the story, adding:

Reacting to the scheduling of the second reading debate for 6 April, Jim Killock, head of the Open Rights Group, which campaigns for digital rights, said: ‘Over 17,000 letters have been sent objecting to this Bill being rushed through. This bill will restrict individual rights and freedoms and punish innocent people by disconnecting them’.”

More than 2,000 letters were sent to Harman, and more than 15,000 letters have been sent to MPs asking for a full debate.

Observes a poster in Financial Advice >>>

You can appeal if you are accused (please note “accused”, not convicted – you no longer have the right to a trial), but there will be a fee that is significantly high enough to deter “mischievous offenders intent on abusing the process”.

Other controversial points include Lord Mandelson being pivotal in the Digital Economy Bill, a man who has resigned from office twice in the past amid “accusations” of wrong doing, yet has been let loose to write British Law.

Also, there is a provision allowing the Secretary of State (Mandelson) to amend the law as and when he sees fit without parliamentary consent in an attempt to “future proof” it.

Don’t forget that the State will now have the power to close down websites “accused” of hosting copyright material.

This bill will also most certainly mean the end of WiFi in cafes, schools, libraries, hotels etc.

Hands up anyone out there who believes such powers will not be abused…

"The “wash-up” is the system by which bills which have passed through one part of parliament can be nodded through"

Now is the time for those that either couldn't be bothered, or didn't care, to wake up to what is taking place.  8)

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