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Author Topic: MPAA Urges Three Strikes in Japan  (Read 836 times)

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MPAA Urges Three Strikes in Japan
« on: October 21, 2010, 06:04:38 pm »
The term "three strikes" is being used in a lot of countries where the concept makes no sense - such as France. There's no baseball in France! At least not at the same level of popularity in the US or Japan. Anyway, Japan recently got an earful from the MPAA's President and Interim CEO, Bob Pisano at the Tokyo International Film Festival (, urging them to consider graduated response to piracy - aka three strikes and website blocking.

Apparently, Japanese lawmakers have just updated their copyright code to make uploading or distributing unauthorized content illegal. As many will recall, Japan is an interesting realm in the file-sharing landscape - producer of such notable products like Share, WinNY and Perfect Dark.

It seems that Japanese ISPs agreed to start tackling the issue of excessive P2P usage two years ago, but considering today's speech, we wonder what progress, if any, has been made.

"...we feel that a robust Graduated Response deterrent scheme, involving all ISPs is also essential," Pisano said. Weren’t they already involved? Perhaps they’re not particularly motivated on the matter.

Pisano brought up the already established 3 strikes HADOPI law in France as an example - but seems to have left out the Ireland debacle.
MPAA's Bob Pisano Calls On Japan To Address Online Copyright Infringement.pdf

WinMX World :: Forum  |  Discussion  |  WinMx World News  |  MPAA Urges Three Strikes in Japan

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