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Author Topic: MPAA Compiles List of Names That Must Be Targeted  (Read 978 times)

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MPAA Compiles List of Names That Must Be Targeted
« on: November 12, 2010, 08:52:40 pm »

MPAA wastes no time. Part of the efforts to normalize the Internet world is also its latest move – submitting the list of world’s “Most Notorious Markets” to the Office of the US Trade Representative.

While there’s no surprise the protagonists of this black list are, of course, BitTorrent trackers, Cyberlockers, Usenet, and sites that provide unlawful links, the inclusion of physical “notorious markets” where people unfairly profit from the trade of copyright protected material is. But don’t think that is all – as Bob Pisano, interim CEO and President of the MPAA, says “This list should not be understood to be comprehensive. It does, however, indicate the scope and scale of global content theft and it introduces some of the ongoing challenges rights holders confront in protecting their intellectual property.”

Zeropaid reports:

By April of Every year the Office of the US Trade Representative must prepare a Special 301 Report per Section 182 of the Trade Act of 1974 in order to “identify those foreign countries that deny adequate and effective protection of intellectual property rights, or deny fair and equitable markets access to United States persons that rely upon intellectual property protection, and those foreign countries identified under” this “paragraph that are determined by the Trade Representative to be priority foreign countries.”

Probably the main problem with the list is the mere confusion it deliberately cultivates. Since online and physical “notorious markets” are put side by side, the distinction between commercial and noncommercial copyright infringement is evidently erased.

In a post last month we pointed out the ability with which the MPAA manages to ignore notable facts like the increase of global ticket sales with 30% since 2005 when complaining about the huge losses of the entertainment industry caused by illegal file-sharing.

Here are some names that made it into the black list:

1. BitTorrent tracker sites – Sweden – Ukraine
IsoHunt – Canada – Sweden – Russia – Sweden/Netherlands
2. Cyberlockers – Mexico – Switzerland/Germany
Webhards – Korea
3. Linking sites – Russia
4. Newsgroup

I suppose it's no surprise that they have a list, but it's interesting to see who is on it.  :gum:

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