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Author Topic: Pirate Bay Folks Expecting Fresh Raid  (Read 627 times)

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Pirate Bay Folks Expecting Fresh Raid
« on: March 12, 2012, 06:26:29 am »
It seems the police puppets in Sweden who often turn out to be on the payroll of major hollywood studios are whispered to be preparing for yet another raid  :/

The web site's operators are not concerned about upcoming forceful knocks on its doors, despite the recent attack on Megaupload.

Because it has recently switched over to using magnet links rather than torrents, there is not much to search or much to seize. Thanks to this and some other things it has set up, The Pirate Bay said that it will stand up under all the US law enforcement advances that might come its way.

"TPB is set up in a very special way to make sure that it will stay up. This means that no one really knows exactly where the servers are, but we've made sure to stay out of the United States of Arrogance and some other countries where the governments do not like free speech".

I think any raid now will simply be to appease foreign commercial interests and will uncover zero in the way of evidence as the whole architecture of the site and the increasing use of DHT and Magnet links has seen most public trackers all but disappear.

WinMX World :: Forum  |  Discussion  |  WinMx World News  |  Pirate Bay Folks Expecting Fresh Raid

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