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Author Topic: Linux is a trojan. UGH.  (Read 8966 times)

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Re: Linux is a trojan. UGH.
« Reply #20 on: May 25, 2015, 05:13:23 pm »
Well its BSD, same thing as Linux.

same concept in operation but two very different kernels.... its not the same thing as linux...

have fun with your oddball machine :)

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Re: Linux is a trojan. UGH.
« Reply #21 on: June 03, 2015, 07:59:09 am »
It was interesting in a nerdy sorta way.
I have found that it is impossible to run a linux firewall virtually and then connect a windows client  who also is the host, thru it. No matter what other people on the internet say.

The thing to do now, I guess... is to simply do a linux fanvy firewall on a different physical machine, set the silly modem to DMZ mode and let that computer deal with the traffic and filtering.

All this time consuming work just because of how very odd the chatrooms are now.

Mine is dead. It is impossible to enter and under constant assault by 'people' or whatever using esp Socks 5. Also Tor, but less of that.

On top of this, I have seen constant hits, over and over by some company who contracts with the US government.

They just sit there, constantly, 24/7, hitting the room. (not visible unless you watch the actual connections to the port)

Anyway, the room is toast. It doesnt work on win7, real or virtual. Trying to remove that even via iptables in the modem, just overloads the modem. Doesnt work on its original pc under win2k either, same thing. Nor does it work under pure Linux.

Its Very odd since right now, I can get the room to actually list on the WPN itself. Even the real WinMX is working just fine, no more flooding and fake search results. Search, queue, and download. WinMX for now is acting like it used to.

I even saw an old friend, KR listing World. I havent seen a peep from KR for years, I assumed he died or something.

Tried to go in his room and it cant be entered either.

He gave up and stopped trying now.

What is going on now seems to be another vector of attack.

Otherwise also strange, many of the rooms that successfully list have plenty of users. It is not a problem to enter.

Mostly on FXS, but I tried hosting on that as well. Made no difference.

Any ideas? Why is WinMX now working so well? Why is hosting a room impossible?? Although the room shows up right away if allowed to connect to the WPN not even eating traffic...

In fact, if I return to disconnecting it, change ip, etc. Post on Joshes place leaving it offline. Still nobody can enter, except the ones using Socks and Tor. And those, as expected, drop within 10 seconds, as usual.

Peeps on anything else, including WinMX cannot enter at all.

Meanwhile, watching the connect attempts at the low level, yuck. A sea of flood traffic which appears to be triggered by a connect via socks. At that point the stupid WCS or FXS starts sending out multiple connection attempts elsewhere. Mostly to Japan.

The ones triggering this are usually from Russia (or its ex satelittes)  or China. More are involved.. NL, South Amerka, and Australia.

Tor and socks can be from anywhere, but I see this strange 'trigger' problem with the ones above.

They can be firewalled but all that does is overload the connection device, so that it becomes impossible to simply use the other computers to do the simplest things, like connect to the grocery store to see whats on sale.

If this is any help, what happens here is someone on socks connects for any amount of time (one nanosecond) then drops.

That triggers around 20 other attempts from the room hosting software under UDP to all kinds of strange and illogical places worldwide.

The poor router keeps this in its table, with some very long expiration time.

This goes on and on eventually the router/modem says. pfft.

Only way to fix it is cut the power, and reboot.

I see no way to stop it. Either let in all the flooding, and stuff the pc. Or, block the traffic and stuff the router.

Its like im a specific target, but I have cutoff the modem and grabbed another ip addy around a dozen times today, to find a better connection that operates at rated speed. Ip changing each time.

Makes no difference that either. But at least the real internet is back to its usual speedy self.

Room still dead, no matter the address and port, no matter the OS or physical or virtual computer.

Oh well. A nice Linux firewall running on a seperate real pc to filter everything, in or out on all pcs in the house would be nice, and interesting, but so far, I dont see that making the room work.

Something is massively El Bizzaro.

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