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Author Topic: Streaming - Saving The Recording Industry ?  (Read 832 times)

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Streaming - Saving The Recording Industry ?
« on: November 25, 2019, 06:35:29 pm »
It seems that Streaming is now very popular amongst the copyright extremists. one of their number speaks here about the sea-change moving the recording industry away from the sue-everybody model that failed dramatically across the last 2 decades.

This week we speak to UK music industry veteran Jeremy Lascelles, the co-founder and chief executive of Blue Raincoat Music.
Jeremy Lascelles says there was "total and utter panic" across the entire record industry when illegal music file sharing took off.

Jeremy was previously on the council of the BPI, the UK record industry's trade body. He was also the chief executive of music publisher Chrysalis Music.
While most of his colleagues at the BPI wanted to sue illegal downloaders, he argued against it. "The general view was to sue everyone, you know, even some granny in Swansea because her grandson had used her computer.

"I thought this was just insane, that the PR would be catastrophic

I think catastrophic is an understatement, they declared war on downloaders very publicly and unfortunately for them the enemy had a bigger club, still its nice to see they have acted now to create revenue streams of the sort we suggested many many years ago and that their artists are gaining a decent share of such earnings, smaller but more plentiful gains in the long run means both market segments are satisfied, theres no disk creation costs and no market access bar for music lovers due to the reasonable cost, I agree that this is a good outlook and will enure the market thrives instead of being choked by greed.

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