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Freenet Threat
« on: August 07, 2005, 11:54:05 pm »
Oh dear, the so-called "Experts" , yes the ones you have never heard of , are coming out of the woodwork to attack a free speech programme.,,2765-1724424,00.html

The Senate Commerce Committee in America recently called on the US government to legislate against such technology because terrorists might employ it. Though his aim is to aid dissidents in countries where computer traffic is monitored by government, Clarke accepts that his innovation will bring security concerns.
“I think that these groups already have all the tools they need, even without Freenet,” he said. “But even if this weren’t the case, the benefits of Freenet far outweigh the disadvantages, just as the benefits of free speech far outweigh its disadvantages.”
The programmer says that his software will permit the anonymous publication and consumption of information on the internet, making it impossible for governments, especially repressive regimes, to restrict the flow of information. “My hope is that it will be more difficult for undemocratic countries to censor their citizens’ access to information through the internet,” he said.

It would seem that those who want power oppose ordinary folks use of a basic right, that of communicating with each other, shame on them for trying to hide their  power lust with cheap accusations.

And shame on anyone who believes we should all do as a goverment says right or wrong, your grandparents fought hard for democracy dont let some worm steal yours.

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