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Author Topic: Proposal for Transfer Encryption  (Read 2093 times)

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Proposal for Transfer Encryption
« on: March 28, 2009, 01:26:08 am »

Direct Link:

Despite not being able to find the Information I wanted to include in this flow chart,
(the Keys sent back and forth during the Negotiating stage) i have gone ahead and made it as per GhostShips request. This is merely a proposal and is welcome to modification however need be.
I do have one request if this method is used, and it is whatever method is used to create Value q
is able to be performed on all systems (linux windows mac) until corresponding native clients are made for these systems.

I have another idea of to allow this to be implemented sooner.
It springs from all the recent discussion of MXM and leech hammer, but the idea is if someone was to hijack the transfer connections (maybe through mxsock since we use oledlg now) and act as the interpreter to allow existing winmx clients to use the encryption?

And one last "unreleated" idea. in the past week i have had to help 3 people set up their router for hosting chat rooms. Portforward doesnt have the Guides with the Pretty pictures for chatservers so my suggestion is to add a second UPNP function to the patch and in the config have something like
Code: [Select]
/enableupnproomhost 0
/roomhostport 6694
for example.
This would allow them to use UPNP with chatservers and specify the port they wish to use.

Hope any of this is of some use to at leats someone  :/
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WinMX World :: Forum  |  Technical  |  Protocol Discussion  |  Proposal for Transfer Encryption

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