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My Concert
« on: October 14, 2009, 09:51:13 pm »
(I posted this topic in another board here and had no response; maybe I chose the wrong place (as this subject doesn't easily fit any of the existing board categories), so I'm re-posting it here in the hope more people may see it and I may get some help.)

I am co-producing a major concert which we are planning to present next year. By necessity I must be a bit mysterious as to what concert it is going to be, and where. Part of what we plan is to record a double CD before the concert, which can be released for sale at about the debut of the concert and be sold at the door. We are currently in negotiations with certain organizations to make this concert happen; however, I suspect they are accustomed to using the services of a record label that is represented by an affiliate of the RIAA.

My concern is that my co-producer knows nothing about the truth of the RIAA and the record labels it represents. I am very keen to persuade him to not sign with any of the RIAA labels, for ethical reasons. I will need to present a convincing case, but my knowledge about the RIAA is not comprehensive. If I can convince my co-producer, then we can work together in resisting the attempts of others to get us to sign with an RIAA label.

I have been a participant in this forum for a long time and have read many threads describing the shenanigans the RIAA gets up to, but I am hoping to obtain from someone a summary or guide of what the RIAA does, to give to my co-producer. In particular I want to show him what the labels do in ripping off artists, spurious lawsuits, lying, thieving royalties, bribing judges and politicians, getting copyright laws changed to their exclusive benefit, and anything else that demonstrates dishonest conduct on their part.

I hope I'm not asking too much, and if I am I'll have to try and gather the information myself from the dozens of threads on the subject and extract the information, but  I will be grateful if anyone who already has a good grasp about the RIAA would like to help with a summary that exposes what they have done. We anticipate ultimately selling many CDs worldwide, and it would be a shame to sign up with, and enrich, one of the robber-baron labels because of the inability to present a summary of their actions.

Any suggestions as to what other course we could take (other than to sign with the big labels) to produce, distribute and market our CDs and the DVD of the concert would also be welcome. Thank you to anyone who will offer advice.

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